Principal's Statement

Patriot is a school that lives its vision—“Pursuing excellence in learning and character within the Patriot community.” What does it mean to be a school that pursues excellence? It means we put learning first and work hard to help our students master the standards, think critically, and become skilled problem solvers. It means we are people of integrity who understand that it’s all about moral character (doing what is right) and performance character (working hard and giving our best effort). It means that every day we strive to be better people and to be a better school than we were the day before.

Patriot is a great school, but know that what you get out of school depends on what you put into school. We offer a variety of rigorous and challenging courses—everything from college-level Advanced Placement classes, to the arts, to career-technical education classes. We also run a variety of programs—including our award winning bands and choirs, television production, yearbook, student government, Link Crew, theater, athletics and clubs -- that help students become a full part of the Patriot community. Work hard in your classes, embrace the challenges, get involved, and seek opportunities to learn and grow and this will be a great year for you AND for Patriot.

Know that we are here to help you and want to see you do great things. After all, that is the WARRIOR WAY.

Roberta Pace, Principal

(951) 361-6503

Michael Rogers
Assistant Principal
Curriculum and Instruction
(951) 361-6505

Paul Reed
Assistant Principal
Athletics ,Facilities, Activities and Operations
(951) 361-6504

Igor Milosavljevic
Assistant Principal
Student Services
(951) 361-6506
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